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Again, why writing about text?

Because textual communication is rich but cheap, fast but discrete. And what is most striking here, as you will learn from my research that is to be published throughout this blog, people have never written that much before, since the emerge of the Internet. Can there be a better reason for approaching the Web from a linguistic perspective?

2007-04-18 15:51 |

Why blogging in English?

English is the no.1 language on the Web. Roughly about 30% of all Internet users are English speaking (1st language, see World Internet Usage Statistics), not mentioning the increasing number of people all around the world that are bilingual or multilingual. However, this is – by far – the largest percentage of all languages spoken, if assigning only one language per person.

2007-04-17 15:56 |

Yet another blog?

Corporate blogs seem to spring up like mushrooms these days. However, this one is different. Instead of praising our agency’s latest projects in order to get some PR out of it, we will share some valid knowledge and true research on a matter that most of the World Wide Web consists of: text.

2007-04-16 23:44 |


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