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Well, at least it all started out as this. The original intention of this Web site was to be not just an English version of our German design agency homepage. Instead of presenting our usual portfolio, we particularlily wanted to focus upon an single topic here, introducing our profound skills in editing, that is, in writing for the Web.

We set up a weblog in order to publish a huge amount of articles that contain the theoretical basis of our editing service. This is what we wanted (and still want) to share with other professionals in favour of constructive and fertile dialogue, exchange of knowledge, and for the fun in using the English language.

The information provided on this journal style Web site is derived from the M.A. thesis of our former Managing Director and now shareholder/backoffice activist, Christian Kuhn. In a way, that makes this corporate blog his very personal project.

corona-labs.com re-loaded

All articles published under the main theme (see menue item “Weblog”) were posted beginning in April 2007. Postings paused for more than 2 years for private reasons from November 2007 until Febuary 2010 (we’re sorry for that). The Weblog is now “re-loaded” and will hopefully be completed soon. There are still some very interesting chapters left in Christian’s M.A. thesis that are longing for publicity.

Currently, there is other news under “Off-Topic” only. Apart from that we stay open for discussions on the main articles on Writing for the Web at any time. Please feel free to leave a comment at certain points of interest.

Since Christian is still running short in time for writing as much as he would like to, we plan to see which way this blog will lead us – and we will go from there. New categories may be added, other topics may be spotlighted – it’s up to you how much you like what you will read here at corona-labs.com.

The author: Christian Kuhn M.A. – Curriculum Vitae

Highlights of qualifications

Christian Kuhn M.A.
  • 2 years experience as a project manager on the field of automotive safety systems (current main occupation)
  • 9 years experience as a Web professional, thereof 5 years in a managing position.
  • 3 years experience of supporting basic research at a leading institute (Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg).
  • Master’s degree in English, psychology, and sports from prestigious Otto-von-Guericke-Universität (University of Magdeburg), with emphasis on text linguistics.
  • Well-trained project manager, certified by University of Magdeburg.
  • A strong team player and team leader with emotional competence, profound English language skills, a broad editorial background, and a strong affinity for the automotive industry.

Professional achievements

  • Co-developed and qualified life-saving devices being used in millions of cars today
  • Successfully managed over 30 Web design and Web development projects for SMBs.
  • Supplied several hundred private companies and public institutions with advertising prints and editing services.
  • Hired, trained, and supervised freelancers of up to 5 in Web development and search engine optimization
  • Negotiated terms and conditions with customers for new deals, service contracts, and cooperation.
  • Also led his agency’s back office
  • Member of the GPM regional chapter Magdeburg

Personal details

  • Date and Place of Birth: March 1979, Magdeburg/Germany
  • Current place of residence: Leipzig/Germany
  • Marital Status: unmarried but in a committed relationship


  • English (language and countries)
  • Cars (Saab!), alternative drive systems
  • Sports, Politics, History


E-mail: c.kuhn@corona-labs.de
XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/Christian_Kuhn

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