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How Web Texts Meet International Users

Most of the companies that run a Web site do so because they already have many of their sales overseas, or at least plan to have so. “They don’t call it World Wide Web for nothing.” (Book recommendation / advertisement: Buy this book at amazon.com/.co.uk/.de! Nielsen 2000, p 313) Consequently, textual information on the Web is often given in other languages additionally to the language of the content provider. Therefore, content managers have to ensure international usability as well of their Web sites as of their Web texts. In fact, some additional aspects beyond the mere translation of web content should be considered when developing a Web site.

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Why blogging in English?

English is the no.1 language on the Web. Roughly about 30% of all Internet users are English speaking (1st language, see World Internet Usage Statistics), not mentioning the increasing number of people all around the world that are bilingual or multilingual. However, this is – by far – the largest percentage of all languages spoken, if assigning only one language per person.

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