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Remarks on Text Typology (Part 3): An Advertisement Does Not Necessarily Have to Look Like an Advertisement

An interesting suggestion that one should have in mind, however, has been made by Book recommendation / advertisement: Buy this book at amazon.com/.co.uk/.de! Halliday & Hasan (1989). The authors explain within their chapter on the identity of a text that a text’s generic form (e.g. the one of a letter) may be dissociated from its generic function (e.g. an advertisement).

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Remarks on Text Typology (Part 2): A Text Typology on 'Webvertising'?

Usually, texts can be classified according to the writer’s intention. The outcome of such a classification refers to the genre of a text, i.e. a text may be explaining, instructing, recounting, describing, arguing, or narrating. Moreover, genres are to be distinguished from text types, which may be letters, plays, sonnets, formal debates, and so on. It appears to be the case that print texts, which of course have a much longer tradition in linguistics, are better represented by such classifications. Thus, I will not attempt to classify Web texts in terms of conventional text typology.

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